Children’s Oncology Group (COG) of Nevada

June 14, 2011

Dr. Jonathan Bernstein, the founder of The Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada, recently received the honor of Outstanding Philanthropist of 2010 from the Las Vegas Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Dedicated to providing medical treatment to children with serious illnesses, Dr. Jonathan Bernstein graduated from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in Rochester, New York. A devoted physician, Dr. Jonathan Bernstein is also the Principal Investigator of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) of Nevada.

A nationwide organization, COG possesses a commitment to researching a cure for cancer in children. COG’s Cure Search ( provides a host of resources to families afflicted by childhood diagnosis. Visitors of may peruse highly specific information. By entering the age of their child and the type of cancer, parents and families may learn more about the disease and treatment solutions. In addition, offers honest and accurate information regarding the benefits, processes, and side effects of different treatments, as well as expert advice on care of the child following treatment. is a valuable resource for families looking for solutions and also provides a nationwide directory of COG hospitals qualified to help. Dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by cancer and strengthening the community, also features discussion boards in which family members and parents may share their experiences and connect on shared issues.

A compassionate and effective venture, COG continues to make progress in finding a cure for cancer. To date, COG is responsible for a 25 percent reduction in child cancer mortality, as well as 35 percent increase in the survival of childhood neuroblastoma. To learn more about COG, interact with other individuals dealing with cancer, or to sign up for upcoming fundraisers, visit


Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada

October 21, 2010

The Cure 4 Kids Foundation, a faction of the Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada, regularly garners funding through philanthropic events in order to assist financially disadvantaged children in all regions of Nevada. The Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada, founded by Dr. Jonathan Bernstein in 2007, organizes a plethora of events to bring children with illnesses together and provides young patients with the medical procedures they need. Recently, the Children Specialty Center of Nevada’s Cure 4 Kids organization acquired the assistance of the Hyundai Hope on Wheels program, an ongoing national campaign that raises awareness of childhood cancer through seminars across the country. Hyundai Hope on Wheels recognized a Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada staff member and acclaimed physician with a $45,000 research grant. The Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada also hosted a Cut-a-Thon sponsored by internationally recognized nonprofit group Locks of Love. With a passion for finding the cure for a number of childhood diseases and providing care for individuals dealing with them, The Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada regularly organizes events centered around the education of children and improving their quality of life. Accordingly, patients in Las Vegas and surrounding areas travel to the Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada for video game tournaments, pizza parties, and other enjoyable activities. Jenevieve Fisher, author of I’m A Kid Living With Cancer, traveled to the Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada to read to patients and engage them in an enlightening conversation about their experiences living with an illness. The Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada works to treat and cure childhood illnesses, including various cancers and blood disorders. The 10,000 square foot facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, provides an extensive range of procedures at no cost to the patients or their families and features a specialized pharmacy that caters to its clientele’s many needs.

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October 21, 2010

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